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Welcome to Local Home Service Team, where your property’s potential becomes reality. Nestled in the heart of Star Valley, we specialize in transforming and maintaining your outdoor and rental properties with precision and care. Whether it’s sculpting the perfect landscape, ensuring your lawn remains pristine year-round, or managing your rental properties with expert finesse, we make your peace of mind our priority. We understand the challenges of managing one-off projects and the unpredictability they bring. That’s why we’re shifting gears towards reliable, monthly services that keep your property in peak condition—so you don’t just survive the chaos of property management, you thrive on it. Join us in redefining excellence in property care and management. Let’s make your property work for you, effortlessly.

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Property Management

Maximize your property’s earning potential with Local Home Service Team's comprehensive management services for both long-term and short-term rentals. We handle all the details, from Airbnb to VRBO, ensuring your investment yields high returns effortlessly.


Elevate your landscape with Local Home Service Team’s cutting-edge irrigation solutions, including expert design and installation of Irrigreen sprinkler systems that slash water usage by up to 40%. Trust us to deliver not only lush, vibrant landscapes but also incredible water efficiency, saving you money and supporting the environment.

WeEd & Pest Control

Take back your yard with Local Home Service Team's premier weed and pest control services, including comprehensive soil testing and targeted fertilization for optimal health. Our expert treatments ensure your landscape remains pristine and thriving, enhancing your property's value and your enjoyment of the outdoors.

Lawn & Tree Care

Ensure your lawn and trees are not just alive, but thriving with Local Home Service Team’s top-tier care services. Our specialized attention promotes robust growth and vibrant health, boosting your property's curb appeal and transforming your outdoor spaces into stunning, lush retreats.

Snow Removal

Never let winter slow you down—Local Home Service Team’s snow removal services keep your driveways and walkways clear and safe all season long. Our prompt and efficient snow clearing means you can go about your day uninterrupted, ensuring peace of mind and accessibility no matter the weather.

Hot Tub Maintenance

Dive into flawless relaxation with Local Home Service Team's professional hot tub maintenance services. We ensure your spa is always pristine and ready to use, enhancing your leisure time and extending the life of your investment.

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